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No Nukes North

International KEEP SPACE for Peace Week

at Fort Greely, Alaska

Peace Camp 2005: Full Scale Mock Missile Defense Test Hailed as Success Despite Failure to Intercept Rogue Spuds

Peace Camp 2004: Alaskans & Yukoners Celebrate Fourth Annual Peace Camp

Photos of 2003 Third Annual Peace Camp at Fort Greely

2002 Statewide Peace Camp Tour ~ Save the ABM Treaty

Groundbreaking protest at Fort Greely, Sep. 9, 2001


The Star Wars protest site will be on the Richardson Highway south of Delta Junction. Participants park and convene at a scenic pull off located a mile and a half north of the main entrance to the base, a few miles south of the town of Delta Junction. From there we march to the entrance of the base and hold a demonstration for a few hours.

The Peace Camp campsite this year will be on privately owned land with a field on the banks of the river - the home of a Delta resident and active No Nuker.

No Nukes North has organized demonstrations and peace camps at Fort Greely for the past five years. In September 2001 we protested land clearing for the silo field. In June 2002 we protested the unilateral
abandonment of the 1972 Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty by touring the state
with special guests to promote awareness and held peace camp at Greely to
protest ground breaking for silos. In 2003 we had our third gathering and
demonstration after the doctrine of preemption was put into practice,
interceptor silos on Kodiak were approved (they haven't been built yet because
the testing program was abandoned), and the number of missiles slated for
Greely rose.

In 2004, interceptor missiles for the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense
element of the missile defense system were being loaded into their silos at
Fort Greely, Alaska, and the Pentagon announced ‘deployment’ in October -
in time for the election.
This in spite of a recent letter signed by nearly
50 retired military officers who criticized the deployment of "a system that
doesn't work to protect us against a threat that is very unlikely."

The complete missile defense system "will cost the American taxpayer upwards of
$10.2 billion during Fiscal Year 2005, and as much as $1.2 trillion by 2035."

That's right: OVER A TRILLION DOLLARS for big, useless bullets in the
ground that have already destabilized the planet and sparked an arms race that
will include nuclear blasts in outer space, while right now our troops in Iraq
are chronically short of ammo and other basic supplies.

Tthe destruction of hard-won arms control agreements
is the worst aspect of the star wars program. The US decision to deploy this
system was seen by international arms control experts (including hawks like
Richard Butler) as the key determinant of whether the Non-Proliferation Treaty
and other arms control treaties would survive at all. Silos and interceptors
in the ground at Greely have now destroyed all the difficult work that has
kept the nuclear peace since the last time the US dropped the Bomb on
somebody. The fact that the system clearly does not and will not ever work
is, in my mind, secondary (see the Union of Concerned Scientists recent report "Technical Realities", an analysis which found "no basis for believing the
system will have any capability to defend against a real attack.")

The MDA plans to get 10 missiles in the ground this year -- a small
fraction of the number they eventually plan to field at Greely. The Pentagon
was forced to abandon the testing program of the system, and now claim they
cannot test it until it is built. However, test launches from Fort Greely, in
the interior of Alaska, are not currently allowed as booster components could
fall on populated areas (duck and cover, Anchoragites!)

Not only is the Pentagon claiming 'deployment' without testing the system,
but they are doing so while critical components of the system don't exist or
are not in place. The space-based infra-red satellite ('the first step in a
credible missile defense' !) doesn't exist, and the sea-based x-band radar
isn't due at Adak Island until next year. "Deployment" couldn't be more of a
farce, but the Bush administration knows it merely has to fool enough people
and win the election to continue their massive corporate welfare plan for
Lockheed Martin/Boeing/Raytheon and TRW.

If you ask Americans whether we should keep weapons out of space, most
agree we should. However, 70% of Democrats support missile defense - by the
military's own description, the first layer in full-spectrum dominance of


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Campsite map and directions


Demos at Fort Greely


Peace Camp scheduled activities

Contact information


Camping needs\MENU


Campsite map and directions


Demos at Fort Greely


Peace Camp scheduled activities


Contact information


Camping needs/MENU



Peace Camp Activities

On Friday evening we will set up camp, share a wonderful meal and get acquainted around the campfire. We will then have a multi-media presentation inside, where we will be watching the new video "A Space 4 Peace" and Stacey will give a short version of her Star Wars in Alaska presentation.

Saturday morning we will have a hearty breakfast and then MAKE SIGNS. If you have signs bring them and also bring ideas for slogans you want to use. We will provide material for sign making.

We'll leave camp for the demonstration site at 11:45 am in order to start congregating at the parking lot at noon. At 1 pm we will march to the entrance of the base, deplying our Peace Dove as we go. While we are at the demo site, we will share the statements of support from other anti-star wars groups, we'll enjoy a brief history of other famous Peace Camps, allow time for individuals to make statements about why they are there, have a picnic, and rally along the road with our signs.

At 5 pm we'll head back to camp to enjoy and lovely hot meal together, celebrate Anna Godduhn's Birthday (Sep. 25th!), strategize for future coordinated events and RELAX.

Sunday morning: breakfast together, pack up camp, exchange contact info, head home.


Peace Camp Campsite


The Campsite for this year will be on privately owned land just outside the town of Delta Junction on the banks of the Delta River. For privacy issues, we are not making directions to the site publically available. Please contact Stacey via telephone (907) 457-5230 or email info@nonukesnorth.net for directions to the campsite.

Demonstrations at Fort Greely

Demonstrators at Fort Greely can park at the scenic pull off located at mile 262.6 of the Richardson Highway, just a few miles south of Delta Junction and a half mile north of the entrance to Fort Greely.

We've agreed with the military in the past that if we keep the demonstration to the west side of the highway, that will not constitute a security threat.

Vehicles must remain at the pull off but for those who don't want to walk the .5 miles from there to the entrance to Fort Greely and demo site, we will ferry them. Demonstrators are allowed to protest around the sign across the highway from the entrance to the base, but are not allowed to cross the road. This spot is highly visible and effective, while keeping demonstrators out of traffic and without impeding normal base operations.





Camping needs\MENU

Bring plenty of warm clothes and rain gear, it can get very nasty in September.

Campers should have their own tents, bedding and DISHES.

Please bring your own bowl/plate/mug/silverware. We will be making hot and delicious main meals and encouraging others to bring appropriate side dishes and snacks. We have all the cooking equipment and will provide a constant supply of coffee, black tea, and the famous NNN Evening in Missoula herbal tea blend.

Here's the menu:

Friday evening:

We're making: Hot chicken soup made with organic locally-raised chickens &
Hot carrot soup made with world's best Mayo carrots (local organic)

PLEASE BRING: Bread and other side dishes/desserts

Saturday morning:

We're making: Breakfast Burritoes (eggs, tortillas, veggies, salsa, sour cream)
PLEASE BRING: other brunch side dishes (cereal pastries fruit etc.)

Lunch Saturday: Picnic at the demonstration - We'll have some and hope everyone will bring snacks to share.

Saturday Evening:
We're making: vegetarian spaghetti, grilled salmon and rice
PLEASE BRING: Salad and side dishes and desserts.

Sunday Morning:
We're making: Greg's special hot toasted oatmeal with fruit and nuts, bacon
Please bring: yogurt and fresh fruit




Contact Information

Calls and inquiries can be directed to Stacey Fritz, No Nukes North Coordinator, at (907) 457-5230 and/or info@nonukesnorth.net

During Peace Camp, we can be reached at our host's home phone: (907) 895-6225